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Skin Ulcers Pictures, Treatment and Symptoms

Get a more accurate pre-diagnosis of whether you or someone you know may be affected by ulcers on the skin by looking at skin ulcers pictures. In this article, we will discuss the definition of the condition referred to as, skin ulcers or skin sores and we will provide helpful information, including treatment options and more. Keep reading to learn more about this condition of the skin and how to diagnose and treat it, as well.

The term, skin ulcer refers to open sores that may be accompanied with shedding, inflamed tissue (similar to a crater) and possibly reddened skin that may be open and have a tendency to ooze. These sores may be characterized by redness, itchiness, inflammation, and tenderness.

This condition of the skin may be triggered by several causes. These causes can include trauma, prolonged exposure to heat or cold, blood circulation problems, contact with an irritant such as, corrosive materials. The symptoms of this condition include redness or darkness of the skin, pain, occasional itching, swelling and tenderness of the skin, fever, bleeding, pain at the site, or pus drainage.

This condition and its symptoms are completely treatable and may vary by the contributing cause of the condition. Venous skin ulcer treatment can consist of various methods of treatment including, prescription antibiotic creams or ointments (if cellulitis or an infection involving pus is present), protective bandages, splints or pressure stockings (to reduce swelling), whirlpool baths, and possibly surgery to remove the infected tissue or skin grafting. Non-prescription antibiotics may be used for the skin on the leg, however, this method is not advisable if the skin is cracked or an open sore is present because it can lead to an allergic reaction. Another venous skin ulcer treatment which is helpful to reduce pressure and swelling the veins is proper elevation of the legs. However, because blood circulation is one major cause of this condition, it is important to not keep the legs elevated for long periods of time. One helpful treatment method (which should not be used to treat venous skin ulcers) involves medications (namely, diuretics that remove extra fluid) that can be used to treat swelling that is caused by heart failure. Those using this method should be cautioned against continual use, which can lead to dehydration because of excessive urination. In addition, sometimes, in cases involving severe conditions of venous ulcers, a paste is applied to the foot and leg and then, they are wrapped with a bandage (Unna boot). This method provides extra protection to allow the skin sores to heal faster.

These skin sores are characterized by various symptoms, which we have mentioned in this article. There are also a number of causes to this condition of the skin Ulcers on skin can be treated in a number of ways including, non-prescription help and prescription treatments. We have determined that it is possible to get a reliable self-diagnosis by looking at skin ulcers pictures.