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Ulcers pictures are a lot easier to understand than reading many pages on what a mouth ulcer looks like. Mouth ulcers are small open sores that usually form inside the mouth. Pictures of ulcers usually show these lesions to be located on the cheeks, soft palate, on the inside of the lower lips and tongue. These ulcers usually last anywhere from 7-14 days and can be painful. By just looking at pictures of ulcers, one can tell that these lesions are not pleasant and can affect mouth function. Individuals who develop mouth ulcers frequently have difficulty speaking, chewing food and even kissing. Any type of hot or spicy food will cause intense pain.

Mouth ulcers pictures usually appear very frightening but these canker sores are not life threatening. The exact cause of these ulcers remains unknown but they are definitely not caused by viruses or bacteria. From the mouth ulcers pictures one can see that the majority of the lesions are only a few mm in size and are often multiple.

Risk factors for mouth ulcers include 1) females who tend to experience these ulcers frequently at the end of their monthly menstrual cycle 2) individuals aged between the 2-4th decade of life. Mouth ulcers tend to be rare in elderly 3) for some reason mouth ulcers tend to run in families 4) individual who are anxious and have stress generally tend to be more prone to mouth ulcers and 5) individual who have self-induced trauma to the mouth during chewing or dentures.

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When one views a picture of a mouth ulcer, they do appear red and angry and in fact, they are painful.  Most individuals who develop a mouth ulcer often are irritable, red and depressed. Some individuals are too shy to open their open and often take a picture of their ulcer to explain their medical dilemma. The ulcers can easily be seen in a mirror by pulling down on the lower lips and opening the mouth wide. The canker sores usually appear inflamed around the edges.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for mouth ulcers. Some medications used to treat mouth ulcers include topical anesthetics, anti histamines, topical steroids and mouth washes. One should avoid use of antibiotics as they can induce growth of undesirable bacteria. Doctors recommend good oral hygiene, a bland toothpaste and warm water rinses several times a day. There are topical lozenges that contain local anesthetics that can numb the painful sensations for a few minutes. One should avoid solid and spicy foods when the ulcer is acute and drink cold liquids that can be quite soothing.  Finally, one of the best ways to prevent worsening of pain is to quit smoking.

Other remedies that are often used to treat mouth ulcers include vitamin supplements, amino acids, and oral contraceptives for women who develop recurrent ulcers at the end of each cycle and pain pills.

If you are prone to recurrent mouth ulcers, use a soft bristled toothbrush and avoid over-excessive brushing of our teeth. There are many dental sites where one can view more ulcers pictures of the mouth.

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